Why We Are Wedding Cinematographers

As you’ve hopefully heard, we have decided to focus on wedding and family cinematography and are no longer booking photography clients. We really love taking photos, and will continue to do so in our personal lives, but as explained below we think specializing is important for our business. However, we didn’t explain why we made this decision and we don’t want to leave you wondering. 🙂

Why-We-Are-Wedding-CinematographersWe felt that it was essential for our business to focus on one or the other – photo or video, and a niche within that broad category. We don’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Instead, we want to really focus in on video, specifically wedding and families, and continue to become experts in that area. If we are spreading ourselves too thin by trying a little bit of everything, you aren’t going to get the quality you deserve.

The Wedding Industry

Let’s start at the beginning with why we decided to be apart of the wedding industry in the first place…

At first, the wedding industry or weddings themselves can seem intimidating to someone new to the market. Just 5 years ago, we were pretty clueless when it came to weddings and could count on one hand how many we had attended. Then we slowly eased into calling ourselves wedding photographers! We can thank our friends for that title; for trusting us to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives. As we got into the wedding world, we started learning the ins and outs of weddings, realizing we kind of liked them. 😉

Yes, there’s a lot of competition in the wedding industry – especially among photographers. Yes, we’ve all heard stories of bridezillas and crazy families. And YES, there’s a lot of pressure on us because we only get one chance to capture all the moments of the day.

BUT. Weddings are a beautiful and joyous occasion. We get to meet some incredible people, witness awesome celebrations, and create a piece of art that a bride and groom and their families will always cherish. When we capture that perfect moment and show a couple their wedding photos or video, all the hard work we put into a wedding is worth it.

Wedding Cinematography

People are always getting married, which is good for all in the wedding industry. However, it feels like that at the moment cinematography can be one of those after thoughts or not a thought at all when it comes to wedding planning. Sure, people always want their wedding documented – through photos – but professional video is still a new market. We’re still trying to convince people that cinematography is well worth the investment. So why in the world did we choose to focus on video?

Well, we were lucky that we were able to try our hand at both wedding photography and wedding videography. Honestly, we loved both – and each for different reasons. However, we kept coming back to our love for creating a wedding video. There’s something much more satisfying to us when we get to know a couple and their families, learn their intricate and unique story, then are tasked with telling that love story in a fitting way.

It’s actually kind of a fun challenge to be in a new and emerging market. We look at it as being one step ahead of the curve, which is a good thing. We think video will eventually become just as popular as photography. The two really go hand in hand perfectly. It’s all about showing people the value of wedding video and how it’s yet a different way to remember your memorable day.

We also like the challenge of not only setting up an awesome shot, but also putting those clips (and audio) together to tell a story. The whole process from shooting to editing is pretty involved, but I think that helps cut back on the competition as compared to photography. Just as an example, on The Knot local vendors in Indianapolis, there’s 53 photographers but only 15 videographers.

I keep mentioning challenges because it’s not easy. It takes time, practice, and a lot of work. But in the end it’s so rewarding to look back on what we create, especially knowing how much it will mean to the bride and groom and their family.

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