Two Years

As of September 19th, 2013 Two Are Better has been an official registered LLC in the state of Indiana for two years. We realized our busiversary was coming up just last week as we were driving somewhere in the city. We’ve officially been in business for two years, and what a couple of years it’s been for us.

Our business started before we were even married or engaged ourselves.We were both still managing our long distance relationship as well as doing photo shoots separately in each city. Mindy being in St. James and myself in Indianapolis. It was then sometime that summer we decided we should combine our powers and create a super duo. It took us a few months of trying to think of what to call ourselves but we eventually decided on Two Are Better. Since then it’s meaning has naturally become more and more of an important part of our lives.

We’ve found in our relationship/personal lives and business that we can accomplish so much more between the two of us than if we were to try and tackle anything alone. It really is true and fits us perfectly to call ourselves Two Are Better.

If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.

We’re so very thankful as well that we’ve been able to meet so many incredible people, who are also embarking into new lives together. We can thank our business for bringing these people into our lives, who we otherwise may very likely never have met. We’ve worked with many other great vendors and formed meaningful friendships with all of the awesome people we’ve worked with. Photographers, brides, grooms, event coordinators, wedding parties, families, etc…

It’s hard to believe it’s just been two years, it often feels like we’ve been doing this for much longer. From another perspective, we’re only babies in this videography industry. At the same time our business has changed and evolved quickly as well. At the start we were trying to do it all, do photography, do videography, build client websites, etc… It’s been incredibly refreshing to practice extreme focus on one thing in one industry.

We have all our resources behind being the best videographers we can be, which is why we’re excited for the next year and beyond. I’m positive we’re going to keep growing and thriving as Two Are Better. Here’s to many more weddings and beautiful memories captured for forever. 🙂

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