Our Wedding Packages

Your Wedding Preserved Forever

Package #1


  • 8 hours of consecutive coverage (two videographers)
  • 2-4 minute bite-sized preview of your upcoming film
  • 12-15 minute highlight video to tell the story of your day
  • Ceremony edit - entire ceremony edited into one video
  • A flash drive of all of your videos; discs by request
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Package #2


Best Value

  • 10 hours of consecutive coverage (two videographers)
  • 2-4 minute bite-sized preview of your upcoming film
  • 12-15 minute highlight video to tell the story of your day
  • Ceremony edit - entire ceremony edited into one video
  • Reception edit - all major events edited into one video
  • A flash drive of all of your videos; discs by request
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Q: Do you travel?
Of course we love to travel! Contact us and we’ll work out the details.

Q: What does the highlight include?
This is the film that will take you back to your wedding each time you watch it. You get to relive the day all over again. We aim to be flies on the wall when we’re with you during your wedding day. We stay out of the way to capture all the purely candid and natural moments that take place. We then carefully put together a story to include the best and most significant shots, plus the very important audio, from the day. Each highlight film is unique because each and every couple and wedding has a different experience.

Q: What is the reception edit?
It’s a separate video of your entire first dances (typically the bride & groom, father & daughter, mother & son) – and entire toasts (typically your maid of honor & best man, plus maybe a welcome by your parents, etc). Parts of these dances and toasts may be included in your highlight, but the reception edit allows you to watch them in their entirety. If you’d like to see an example of a reception video, we can show you one (they’re password protected on our Vimeo page).

Q: What is the ceremony edit?
We film your entire ceremony from start to end from multiple angles. Parts of your ceremony will be included in your highlight, but the ceremony video allows you to watch it in its entirety. If you’d like to see an example of a ceremony video, we can show you one (they’re password protected on our Vimeo page).

Q: How do you capture audio from our day?
Audio is often overlooked, but it is absolutely crucial to your film. Therefore, it is key that we capture the most clean and clear audio. We use high quality and almost invisible mics to capture audio from the ceremony, toasts, gift exchange, letters, etc… They will not interfere with any other mics that you may have. It is not a mic that will be heard through any speakers. Check back for a blog post that explains more about capturing audio.

Q: What’s required to book you?
A signed contract and a 30% down payment to save your date in our calendar! Once we’ve talked about your wedding and you are ready to book, we will send you a contract to read over and sign. Our preferred method of payment is via check, although we can accept cards if necessary. From there, the rest of your balance is due a month before your wedding.

Q: How long will it take before I get the finished product?
A: We ask for up to 6 months to perfect your wedding films. Six months may seem like a long time when you are excited and anxious to see your videos, but the films we’re producing you are going to have for the rest of your lives. We take that seriously and we want to take our time to produce a perfectly crafted timeless film. Check back for a blog post detailing the steps involved to edit your video!

Q: How do you choose music for my highlight video?
We use a couple of services that offer an enormous range of tracks we can license for an affordable price. We legally cannot use music that is copy written (such as popular songs you hear on the radio) unless they too have a license we can afford. Feel free to tell us your favorite genre of music, or allow us creative reign to use the right song at the right moment in your video.

Q: What kind of cameras do you use?
If you are curious, we use the real deal – Black Magic Cinema Cameras. Because they are called cinema cameras, they do one thing and do it well; their specialty is capturing a beautiful moving image. In the end you only need to know they are simply a tool we use to help us create gorgeous films.

Q: Can just one of you film at my wedding to reduce the price?
Unfortunately not, as we were very intentional when we named our business. Our motto is “two are better than one.” We know that it takes the two of us to produce the highest quality video and experience for you. 🙂

Q: I don’t want a sneak peek video. Can you take that out of my package and reduce the price?
Unfortunately we can’t. We have put a lot of thought into these packages that we have created for you. The sneak peek video is part of the Two Are Better experience, so that you can see a preview of your highlight video and get even more excited for the final product. Not only that, but you can show this bite-sized video to anyone, from your best friend to your barber/stylist.

Q: Do you offer un-edited/raw footage?
A: We’ve chosen not to offer the un-edited footage, with good reason. We always include the best footage from your wedding day into your films. We guarantee that you will see all of the important parts of your day. But more so, we think your interest in our wedding films shows that you’ve entrusted us to use our meticulously honed skills in creating a beautiful story from the shots we capture. Besides do you really want 300GB or more of footage to sift through? In it’s unpolished form we don’t think it holds as much value to you. It’s only after we’ve worked our magic does it become a beautiful cinematic film.

Q: Do I need 8 or 10 hours of coverage?
A: That all depends on your wedding schedule! 🙂 Ideally, we love to start filming when the bride & groom are finishing up getting ready (final touches of hair & makeup, getting dressed, etc) and film until we’ve covered all of the important events at the reception (toasts, first dances, etc) and a little bit of open floor dancing. All of that coverage tells us the full story of your day. Every wedding is different though, so let us know what your schedule is like and we’ll figure out what would be best.

Q: How do you work alongside my photographer?
A: We love working alongside photographers (and other vendors too!). The photographers and ourselves share the same goal of capturing your wedding, just in different ways. We will contact them before the wedding to introduce ourselves and then work as a team on your wedding day. As videographers, we want to stay out of your photos and thus out of the way of your photographers. For the most part, the photographers will be in charge (posing, directing, etc…) and we’ll capture the action of the day.

Q: How many weddings do you film in a year?
A: In 2012, (our first full year in business), we shot 10 weddings. In 2013, we shot 17 weddings. Our goal is around 20 weddings a year, so that we are able to dedicate enough time and attention to each wedding. Also, we do not film more than one wedding in a weekend in order to put forth our best work for the wedding at hand. We don’t want to be worn out and forget simple stuff if we tried to cram more than one wedding in a weekend. In the end it effects the quality of the finished product.

Q: How far do you book in advance?

A: We are currently booking for 2014 and 2015 weddings. We won’t be booking for 2016 weddings until January 1, 2015. Just so you know, our prices are subject to change before you book for 2016. We can most certainly still discuss your wedding though. We don’t book that far in advance as a bit of precautionary measure. It still gives us some room in our personal lives in case we had any major life events or changes happen. For example if we wanted/needed to move or start a family. It makes it simpler to plan our personal lives as much as possible so that we don’t cause any issues for your wedding. We hope you understand!

Q: Do you give discounts for non-Saturday weddings?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any discounts for non-Saturday weddings, but it never hurts to ask. The reason being is that we only take one wedding per weekend so whether the wedding is on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we charge the same price.

More questions & answers coming soon!