What Do We Do

We'd Love To Film Your Wedding & Family

When brides and grooms are planning their wedding, photography is always at the top of the list. It isn't until after the wedding is said and done, that a lot of people remember videography. If only they could hear their vows again or see their first dance, or even remember what was said during the toasts. We don't want you to feel regret when it comes to documenting your wedding. Photos and video are equally important. You can hang photos on your wall and make an album for your coffee table. A video, a moving picture with audio, can take you back to your day over and over again. You can watch it every year on your anniversary and someday show your kids and grandkids. Even though you can't actually go back and re-live your wedding day over again, a wedding video is the closest you will get to feeling like you are there again.

Remember the 1990's home videos on VHS tapes that are sitting in your parents' closet? We can laugh all we want at those, but sadly, people don't make home videos a priority anymore. Most of us have a phone at our fingertips that can record video, but how often do we think about it? And if we do, the video clip probably gets lost on a hard drive somewhere. That's where we come in to create a family heirloom for you. If you tell us your story and invite us into your home for a day, we promise we'll create a whole new level of family videos that you've never seen before. Whether you want to document your growing family, a birthday party, or your grandparents' stories - we think it's all worthy of being preserved on video.