Our Vision for 2013

First off, hi there. How are you?!

I know we’ve been quiet around here lately, very sorry about that! We’ve been moving and settling into our first house. At the same time, we have also been finishing up the last of our current projects and planning for the year ahead of us. So far, we have 8 weddings booked for 2013 and we’re working on adding more to the calendar. We are already really excited for all the awesome weddings coming up this year!


But it’s the middle of March and we’ve not shared anything in awhile. We’ve not been sitting still! So here are a few updates on Two Are Better… Our dreams, vision, plans, goals, missions, etc… for this year!

The biggest of all here, the driving force for 2013, is that we’ve made the move to focus solely on wedding and family videography (unless we have already booked you for photos, of course!) It’s not that we don’t love taking photos (we will miss them), but we think it’s best for our business to continue specializing and honing our expertise. We’re going to take this niche of the wedding industry and make it ours.

We will be working with a good friend, and excellent designer, to give ourselves a facelift on our branding, logo, packaging, etc…! From there we’re going to create one of the best websites you’ve seen in the industry. Which isn’t too hard since many are severely lacking. 😉

With those being the biggest changes, we have a few goals in mind behind them.

  • Create 20 moving films this year.
  • Get involved in a community of film makers.
  • Spend more time on our own love story.
  • Seek out our own style and voice of storytelling.
  • Hone and perfect said style and voice.

Here’s our new mission statement that we hope helps drive us every day:

We have a craving to create and your stories are our muse. Transforming your life story into a timeless visual masterpiece is a passion we are eager to share.

Whether it be your wedding or your family, there are beautiful stories to be told. Our objective is to create a classic and beautiful film portraying those special moments. The moments fade, but the memories remain – cherished by you and your loved ones and preserved by our high quality films.

We want to capture and document every beautiful moment of your story through the art of videography, so you never forget them. As a husband and wife team, we know how precious each moment is in life. Our business thrives because we work together in harmony, each bringing our own talents to the table. We love meeting people and making new friends as part of our business. At Two Are Better, we want you to know that we completely invest ourselves into your story. There’s no other way to learn every intricate detail. Not to mention, we really care about the people we work with.

We are constantly stimulating our imagination and honing our skills, not only to make your experience better, but also to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations. Knowing you are trusting us with your memories to create a work of art that will last forever is something we treasure and never take lightly.

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