No More Blogsites!

The Blogsite Is Dead, Long Live The Blog!

BlogsitesThis is something we see happening FAR too often in this industry of wedding photographers/videographers. You visit a vendors website only to be greeted with a portal page like the mockup above. Choose a door and see what prize is behind it! There’s this nasty word that I can barely get out, a blogsite, meaning that your web presence has two separate entities that pretend to be one. You have a “normal” website that houses a portfolio, your information, contact form, etc… and a thing called a blogsite that is your blog. When I come across these type of setups that are permeated through almost every business’ site in the wedding industry, I want to scream and well, usually I can’t help but do so!

You’re Doing It Wrong

From our perspective, simply, you’re doing it wrong. It’s 2013, there is technology that easily lets you create one cohesive site that can do anything you want it to do, right? If you don’t, now you do! Here are many reasons why having a website and a separate blogsite is wrong. I can’t think of any reasons why this would ever be a good setup either, by the way. We’ll get to that in a minute. 😉

  • The main site looks completely different from your blogsite.
  • Different experiences on each site, not cohesive.
  • Different navigation menu setup, part of the problem above.
  • Different styling on the sites, part of the problem above.
  • Different domains for each site, part of the problem above.
  • Your main site is often made in Flash. That means not many or any mobile devices can use your site, nor do search engines have an easy time indexing it.
  • You have to maintain, or hire someone to do so, two different sites. Often made with different technology.
  • You’re main site isn’t easily up dateable, like your blogsite. It falls out of date quickly.
  • You settle for a ProPhoto blogsite theme, like all other photographers. *personal peeve*
  • You don’t know how to maintain either of the sites.
  • Neither end up being mobile friendly.
  • Don’t ever autoplay music when I visit your site *bonus pet peeve*

The list surely can go on and on, but let’s stay focused on the horrid blogsite. Blogs, and the ability to blog, has become so popular it’s been ingrained as a part of most websites. There’s a little piece of free, open-source software, that you are probably already using that will save the day. It is called WordPress, and yes the p is capitalized. 😉

Doing It Right, For The Web

For the sake of the web, let’s build our business’ site the right way. Our platform of choice is WordPress. This works well, as you are most likely already using it for your blogsite, and are somewhat familiar with how easy it is to add content to your blog. That’s what we now call it. It’s no longer a blogsite, just a blog. It’s a very important part of your simple, easy to use, and cohesive site!

Unless you know how to create a page template or build a custom theme, check out the plethora of themes out there on the web. Specifically do a quick search for business themes. You’ll quickly find a theme you can take and customize to make it your own, ProPhoto themes won’t cut it for you. Unless you purely want a blog as the only part of your site. They will often come with a great group of features and plugins they work with as well to help run your site (which is a whole other post we’ll write soon).

The point being is that your website is whole now. One place where your future clients can read more about you, your business, see your portfolio, AND read your blog. It is now housed under one easy to use and easy to update system. Please, I beg of you, we no longer need to build a website and a blogsite. That word will be vanished from our vocab; I pretty much treat it as a four letter word anyway.

Good riddance blogsites, here comes a better web!

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