More Than A Client

In a previous post, we talked about videographers vs cinematographers and what we should call ourselves. We decided that either is fine, but cinematographers is more specific. 🙂 In the general wedding industry, we are also called vendors alongside photographers, DJs, coordinators, etc.

Now we’re wondering – what do we call the brides and grooms or families that we work with?

Our first instinct is to call them clients because that seems like the go-to professional term to use. I guess we could also use the term customers as well. After all, we are professionals who provide video services.

More-Than-A-ClientHowever, those terms just seem too impersonal to us for our business which is very personal. We want to get to know you on a personal level, sometimes even before you make your decision to even hire us. We witness what are very intimate moments with your family or significant other, whether it’s your first moments with your new baby or your vows at your wedding ceremony. If you make the wise choice to have video, we’re there at those moments that are reserved for your closest friends and family. Truthfully, it’s an honor to capture your memories and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Is it cliche or cheesy to say we want to be at least acquaintances, if not friends? Is it possible to do so and maintain a professional client-vendor relationship? We think so.

We don’t want to be strangers with a camera or just another wedding vendor. When we get to know you, it makes our job easier, your wedding (or what have you) more comfortable, and ultimately your final product better. We need to know each branch of your story to create a film about it. That doesn’t mean we need to become bffs and learn your entire life story (we’re always open for this though). However, when we know a little bit about your history, like how you met your fiance, what you envision for your wedding day, or your new parenting experiences, it really gives us inspiration to create.

For weddings, we love meeting or Skyping with our brides and grooms at least once, if not twice, before the wedding day. In fact, we really encourage it. It’s important for you to get an idea of who we are and we like to put a face and a story with a name. It would be a disservice to both our clients and us to go into a project or wedding blindly. We really like to get a feel for the couple, the wedding day, and what the couple wants from their video. Then we can capture the most important moments and details and form your story into a film.

Do you see why we don’t necessarily like using the word “client?” You allow us a peek into your lives and capture your memories and we take that responsibility seriously and professionally. At the same time, however, our work is intertwined with human emotion, stories, and love. This is our passion and because of that, you are more than a client to us.

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