Is A Wedding Video Worth It?

Congrats!  You’re newly engaged and off to start planning your wedding. As you go checking things off the to-do list, you may be asking yourself, “Do we need a videographer?” Or perhaps that question didn’t even cross your mind. You booked a photographer without question because everyone has a wedding photographer, which is true. You booked a hair stylist, caterer, venue, and other important vendors. But as your budget gets stretched thin, you then ask yourself if a wedding video is even worth it?

Let us tell you, wedding videography is a must have. For some reason though, it hasn’t caught on or grown as quickly as wedding photography. The question we often then ask ourselves is, why do you think so many people are still on the fence about it? 

Here’s why we think people aren’t sold on wedding videography yet. So follow below!

You Own A Wedding Videography Business, You’re Obviously Biased!

Wait a second, you’re thinking that we are videographers ourselves so we are going to give you a biased opinion so you’ll hire us. BUT, WAIT! We actually got married just recently on 8.25.12 and can speak from our own experiences on both sides of this. We had the amazing Jet Kaiser film our wedding and it’s one of the best decisions we made, along with hiring Amanda Fales for the photography! The days following our wedding, I was actually kind of sad because I felt like everything went so quickly that I couldn’t remember the day. I quickly got over that though as I knew we had great photos and videos coming our way soon! As you can guess we absolutely loved our photos from the wedding. The videos though offer an experience on a different level. For us our videos included a 25 minute feature film, the reception introduction, ceremony, dances, toasts, shoe game in full, etc… Those clips brought us back to all of those moments in a different way than pictures do. We were speechless after watching it – and in a good way. The audio and moving pictures were an invaluable treasure to not only us, but our family and future family.

In our humble opinion, we think some of your first planning should be to hire both a photographer and videographer. We are speaking from experience as both professionals, and as a bride and groom ourselves. Both of them together will create a complete and beautiful memory of your wedding. For example, our wedding photos are something we will display in our home and see on a daily basis. One of the first things we’ll do after painting our new house is hang our wedding photos. It’s something you can easily show someone and as they say, a photo is worth 1000 words. In addition to your photos, video is something you can watch on your anniversary, and through the audio and movement, feel like you can re-live the day in a completely different way. It’s almost like a way to travel back in time to those fleeting moments. Although photos and video may seem similar, they each play a different part in preserving the memories of your day.

The Art of Beautiful Wedding Videography

Unfortunately since wedding videography (or maybe we should say the cinematic art of wedding videography) is still a fairly new and emerging market, not every wedding video is done in a beautiful and captivating way. We think you need to be particular when it comes to videographers, as there’s quite a bit that goes into finding the perfect match. Just the same as photos, there are videographers out there that won’t be a good fit for you. Maybe it’s that their films will make you feel awkward and confused. You’ve probably seen one of those and maybe your friend did too and that’s why they didn’t hire a videographer.

Instead, a good wedding video is a piece of art and it tells a story. That’s why your Uncle filming your wedding is totally different than having professionals filming your wedding. You want to watch a wedding video and feel all the emotions from the day. Joy, anticipation, excitement, love. Nothing should distract you from the story (bad audio, bad music, shaky shots, etc). It should take you back to the day and allow you to re-live it in a whole other way.

A good videographer will be more like a fly on the wall. You shouldn’t have to worry about another camera in your face or your guests thinking that you have an entourage following you around. In a lot of cases, you may have two photographers and two videographers, but we do our best to keep the focus off of us and on you and your big day. You may not even interact with your videographer but a couple times throughout the day (for example – when we need to mic you up). We’re not trying to be unfriendly; we’re just trying to stay out of the way and do our job! In fact, our job doesn’t require us to be obtrusive. With all the flurry of activity on your wedding day, one last person in your face is a good thing. 😉

Search via Google. Look on The Knot or other wedding websites. Ask for recommendations. When you find a videographer, watch their videos and pay attention to how they make you feel. Contact them and schedule to meet! Don’t settle for less just because of the price. In the same regard, just because they charge a lot doesn’t mean they are good. In this case, we think all or nothing is best.

The bottom line is you don’t want to regret after the fact that you don’t have a wedding video. Photos and video may be the only mementos you take away from your wedding day. Remember that each detail of the day will fade, no matter how hard you try to keep them around. Make sure your invest in professionals who will help you preserve your memories, letting you re-live that beautiful day as often as you’d like!

5 Responses to Is A Wedding Video Worth It?

  1. Heather Nelson March 27, 2013 at 4:57 am #

    Love this post! My husband and I are wedding videographers in Seattle, and we couldn’t have said it better! Congratulations on your new marriage and your great business — your work is beautiful!


    • Mindy & Ryan March 27, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

      Hi Heather!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, the kind words are much appreciated!

      I’ve already been going through you and your husbands videos, currently watching Neil & Jessie, really great stuff and cute stories!

      You’ve got a new fan in me, and I really want to visit Seattle! I’m a bit jealous of where you get to shoot. 😉

  2. Heather Nelson March 27, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    Thanks Ryan! When Seattle’s on, it’s the best place to shoot — just have to look out for those rainy days 🙂 Thanks for checking out our videos and liking our FB page. It’s great to see what others are doing, even if it’s across the country!

    • Mindy & Ryan April 10, 2013 at 9:12 am #

      Agreed, happy to follow others creating beautiful art! Thanks!

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