How To Make Your Wedding More Film Friendly

No two weddings are alike, and that is how it should be!

We love filming and attending a wedding that’s unique and well thought out, as that’s what keeps our job interesting and inspiring. We love every wedding – but there are some that just make our job easy. The clips come together in the end like magic and the video turns out to be one of our favorites. So what is it that sets a wedding apart from all the rest and makes it so film friendy? Spoiler – it’s not money.

1 – Think Aesthetically

This one is an obvious reason, but tricky because everyone has their own tastes and opinions. I think we can all agree on though that a gorgeous wedding makes for gorgeous video and photos! You don’t have to have a ton of money to do this. Natural light is magical and looks beautiful in a video or photos. Keep that in mind when choosing venues or photo locations for your wedding day. It can also be as simple as making sure that the room you are choose to get ready in is uncluttered and has lots of beautiful light coming in. When we’re filming you putting on your dress or final details we don’t want clutter nor ugly tungsten/fluorescent light distracting anyone from the moment. A few things to keep in mind with the decor: less is more, it’s all in the details, and any way you can inject your style is always more personal. All of these things will make your wedding more film friendly and pleasing to watch as well, even if the aesthetic part is a subconscious feeling.

2 – Make it Your Day

Traditions are great, but make sure they are meaningful to you. Don’t just go through the motions or emotions of a typical wedding because you feel like you should. Be sure it is truly your wedding and it represents you and your significant other. You don’t have to wait until the ceremony to see your fiance, you don’t have to say the traditional vows, and you don’t even have to wear a long, white dress. However, you can if that’s what makes it memorable! If your family complains either way, kindly remind them this is your special day. In the end, you will be so much happier with your memories when they all have a special meaning.

3 – Meaningful Words

Speaking of meaning, your wedding is an awesome opportunity for you or your friends or family to say a few sappy (or funny) words. How often do they get that chance? Read a sweet note from your soon to be spouse before the ceremony. Take a moment during the reception and tell your guests how much it means to you that they are there. Ask your Mom or Dad to give a toast or welcome. Allow your wedding party to tell a memorable story. It will allow us to capture some great audio to incorporate into your video. Audio is one thing that will set your video apart.

4 – Build In Extra Time

Nothing is worse than being rushed and especially on your wedding day. Unfortunately, wedding days are seem to always run behind schedule. Your day will go fast enough that you don’t want to be under a time crunch. Instead, plan your schedule with time to spare so you can relax and enjoy every minute. Think 2 hours will be long enough to get ready? Add another 45 minutes just in case. Ask your wedding planner, photographer, or videographer for help with your schedule. In turn, that will make a better film as you will see a lot more smiles and special little in-between moments in your video. It’s hard to take in everything that happens on your wedding day, so being able to relax about your schedule is all the better!

To sum up our thoughts, your wedding should be an all out honest representation of your love for each other. If you let that help drive your decision making from the decorations to the words you say and beyond, you are going to have a beautiful wedding. No ifs ands or buts about it. Your wedding will be one of the most special days in your life, so make it pretty, meaningful, and yours!


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