The Ceremony Edit and Reception Edit are two separate videos we create that cover your ceremony and your reception events (intro, welcomes, toasts, first dances, garter & bouquet toss, etc…) in full.

You’ll see glimpses of those clips in both the Sneak Peek and Highlight, but you might not see all of your dances, toasts, or vows etc… That’s why we always include a Ceremony Edit in all of our packages and a Reception Edit in our second package. We cover these parts of your day with three to four cameras, and cut between the different angles with good, clean audio. We want to make rewatching your ceremony & reception enjoyable. You can see the people there at your ceremony and hear your vows, relive your first dances and hear what you danced to. Watch some of your best friends give toasts, and perhaps listen to the advice your father gives during a welcome. Now watch examples of both a Ceremony Edit and a Reception Edit to see what we mean.