Being Critical Of Your Own Work

Through every part of our business we’re always focused on the end product, which is a perfect film for you to enjoy all your lives & beyond. It doesn’t matter to us if it is a wedding or a family welcoming a new-born, these are huge milestones that we’ve been trusted with capturing. In the end you and your family will be able to get many wonderful years of enjoyment from the memories captured on video. With that said, how can we be critical of our own work when our work is so delicate? How do we get better every day?

Hone Yourself

Ultimately we are the source of creativity creating these films. Thus we should always be practicing our craft, we need to keep ourselves in top shape to continue to grow and be the best we can be on each project. Education is a big part of this. We need to stay up with technology and techniques as they develop. These advancements, in one way or another, will help us grow our story telling skills. This can be anything from learning a new piece of editing software or a new camera, to new techniques when shooting or editing. Every step of the creation process is important and deserves to continually be refined. For us we need to keep shooting and editing videos. Keep your mind sharp and full of ideas this way, hone yourself!

Take Inspiration

Many other people have come and done great work before you, we really think that needs to be appreciated and studied. And don’t think this only applies to the industry you are in. For example we can easily watch the great films of our time and learn from them, but the film industry shouldn’t be where we stop taking in inspiration. There are beautiful philosophies behind many other things like architecture,  painting, engineering, industrial design, and so on.

For us a lot of our work goes into aesthetics and story telling. There are technical skills involved in capturing things correctly, but after that our tools should fade away and our inspiration should come out in how we edit, how we color correct, etc… Which brings me to our third point.

Portray Wonderfully

There are ways to tell a great story, the challenge to us is to get to know the wonderful people we work with and find the story within their lives. They don’t need to do anything special, as the cliche goes everyone has a unique story. It really is true though. I’m sure at some point you’ve met a new friend and they’ve said, “So tell me your story.” For us we want to know what’s made you you and how you’ve got to where you are today. We’ll then take your beautiful story and portray it wonderfully. It’s something you’ll love having year after year.

Being Critical

After every project we wrap up, we like to sit and say, “What could we have done better?” We’re always looking for ways to improve our end product. This doesn’t mean that our past work isn’t valuable by any means, but we’ll never be the best we can be without being critical. Maybe one edit was made too fast, maybe the clip was barely overexposed, perhaps we should have picked different music, etc…

For our business we become nit picky to move ourselves forward. Each year, or day, we’ll be making ourselves better. It’s important to be critical of your own work, but don’t be discouraged by doing so! Be inspired and hone yourself and love what you create!

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