Our First Time to Magic Kingdom

On Monday we got to experience Disney World for the first time together!  Along with us was Mindy’s mom and her boyfriend and Mindy’s cousin Mitch and his girlfriend.  It’s a little different visiting for the first time in your mid-twenties because it doesn’t feel nostalgic — but still fun nonetheless.  There were SO many people, even on a Monday, and just so much to take in.  Even in 9 hours, we didn’t get a chance to experience all of Magic Kingdom, but maybe we’ll go back sometime.  It was all our feet could handle for one day!

It was awesome to see the parade and fireworks though.  And even Mindy, the one who doesn’t ride rides, got to partake in most of them (NOT space mountain).  For the record – she did scream at the little teeny drop in the Pirates ride.  icon wink Our First Time to Magic Kingdom  Oh and of course we had to get the famous Mickey/Minnie ears so we got the bride & groom ones.  And to top it all off, we met Mickey right before we left!  Mindy wants to work there now, but Ryan isn’t too fond of the idea.

We carried the heavy camera around all day just so we could show you a little video and photos.  Enjoy!

Tell us… Have you been to the happiest place on Earth?  What was your favorite part?  We both loved the fireworks and the Haunted Mansion!  

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  1. Sara May 5, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    Awesome video! Glad everyone got to experience the “Disneyworld” experience! I love the bride and groom ears!

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